BR Motorsport 3 Pin 1 Piece S55 Crank Hub

BR Motorsport 3 Pin 1 Piece S55 Crank Hub

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BR Motorsport 3 Pin Crank Hub

A common issue with the S55 is crank hub failure/slip due to the OE design of using a central bolt & friction washers to keep the engine in time. Both when tuned and stock usually during downchanges due to the torque load against the crankshaft, the OE hub can slip and cause timing misalignment which can result in engine limp mode/lack of power and or bent inlet/exhaust valves as worst case scenario.



  • One Piece 3 Pin Crank Hub
  • OEM Crank Bolt
  • Drill Bit
  • Drill Fixture
  • Drill Fixture Bolt


  • BMW F80 M3 (2015 +)
  • BMW F82 M4 (2015 +)
  • BMW F82 M2 Competition (2019 +)
  • The items in this kit are compiled specifically for the BMW S55 engine and therefore will fit any other unlisted models that use a BMW S55 engine

Trialled and tested on our Stage 3 M2 Competiton

*Fitted price is the price all in (this includes all new seals, gaskets, bolts etc.) Removal of sump as this way we can be 100% sure no swarf get's in when drilling.

This is usually a 2 day turn around job. If you purchase the fitted option then please wait for a confirmation email off us to confirm a booking in date