BR Motorsport ltd shall provide the Services and Deliverable(s) requested by the client from the following options; all of which are bound by our ’Customer Care & Commitment’ to service quality.

The remap settings that we install never change; so when we complete our servicing of your vehicle it will continue to perform at the capacity it did on arrival or show improvements from our work. Once remapped, we are confident the services provided, based on the optimal remap settings which are the most suitable for your vehicle, should produce noticeable benefits. Following our work, if an issue arises with your vehicle it will most likely be due to a mechanical fault, not a fault with the remap itself. Once the mechanical fault is fixed your vehicle should revert to its optimum performance.

A thorough vehicle health check is carried out before any remap work is undertaken, we reserve the right to refuse to remap a vehicle if we believe it is not "healthy" enough.   No warranty is given or implied to any components on your vehicle before or after the remapping process apart from the remap file. Refunds are not accepted.  BR Motorsport ltd do not accept liability for any mechanical part failure after performance tuning.   By using our service you agree to these terms and conditions.


It’s important to remember that vehicle components can fail when standard just like they can do when remapped. Remapping will often show up weak points in your setup as you are now asking it to work harder than it is used to.  You must look after the engine, regular servicing with good oil & parts, good quality fuel and mechanical sympathy all help keep your engine running well, if your car needs mechanical attention, get this work done before considering a remap.

BR Motorsport ltd do not cover the liability for any mechanical or electrical parts including the following parts: turbos,  injectors, clutches, gearboxes, dpf, boost leaks (boost pipes) as these have a serviceable lifetime and the remap places bigger demands on these parts, which may cause issues if they are not in good health. Stage 1+, Stage 2, Stage 3 remaps are beyond the recommended tolerances of your engine and we and the remap writer will not accept any liability for these remaps.


The Client Must:

  • Accept all power/torque gains from your ECU remap are approximate, as are the actual figures of your engine’s quoted power and torque figures from your car manufacturer.
  • Accept the fuel efficiency of your vehicle after a remap depends on a number of factors including but not limited to: outside temperature, driving style, tyre pressures, and regular and correct service maintenance of your vehicle.
  • Accept BR Motorsport ltd are not liable for costs associated to fix either determined or pending faults found relating to your vehicle during its diagnostic check either before or after you have your vehicle remapped.
  • Accept that no refunds are offered under any circumstances after the installation of the modified software to your vehicle.
  • Accept it is your responsibility to inform your insurance company of your car’s ECU remap.


By installing this Product and/or Service, you understand and agree that as a high-performance product and/or service, individual results may vary depending on make, model, and usage. BR Motorsport ltd shall in no way be held responsible nor liable for any of the results, claimed or otherwise, that may or may not come from the product or service.


You also agree that the original vehicle manufacturer makes its own determinations regarding the effects of Add-On products and/or service to its warranties, BR Motorsport ltd shall in no way be held responsible nor liable for anything pertaining to or resulting from the original vehicle manufacturers warranty and/or terms of use.


We always offer to take our clients in their vehicle for a test drive following our services – allowing clients to assess the additional performance gained from the remap. If clients want any minor adjustments to be made following this, we will do these free of charge within a short timeframe to suit (upto 14 days).


  • As part of the test drive we aim to ensure that your car has responded well to the remap service and ensure that the new settings have not caused any faults with your vehicle.
  • If however you do report any faults with your vehicle after the service has been completed, we ask you contact us straight away. We will give you any advice possible to help you resolve the problem and we may ask you to bring the vehicle back to us for diagnostics or to tweak the remap if we feel this needs doing. No refunds are offered under any circumstances after the installation of the modified software to your vehicle.
  • We will not travel to your location for this; we require clients to bring the vehicle back to our garage.
  • We may ask you to have your vehicle diagnosed by a third-party mechanic to independently verify any issues and if this is the case, these additional fees will not be covered by ourselves.
  • If your car is diagnosed as faulty we can un-install the remap for you, no refunds will be given for this. We can re-install the remap for you once fixed, however we may charge for this depending on how much time is required to re-install the remap.
  • If you choose to use remapping as an option to try fix an existing issue with your car we are happy to help with this: for example, if your vehicle is in limp mode and you suspect the egr valve is at fault, we will perform an egr delete for you – however if this doesn’t fix the issue we will still charge for our time and the service provided.
We recommend any warranty work is carried out prior to remapping, we can re-install your original map but this may be logged in the ECU itself, which may be picked up on by the dealership, thus voiding warranty on certain parts eg engine and transmission. If you decide to remap and then need warranty work doing there will be a labour charge to install your original map but be advised your warranty may be voided.